Author: Francesc Gisbert
Illustrations: Serrano, Lucia
Collection: Soup books. Green series

Arnau is a student looking for a job to pay for the race. A day begins with Alice, a girl every night special requests him to tell a story. Alice has the power to penetrate the world of stories and turn them into reality. Do you want to live the adventures of John Bear, a child so hard and go that was not afraid of anything? Would you like to be an apprentice witch during the night San Juan? Do you know why Carmota Mala Pata became the Gold Star? Would you dare to confront the devil and death Known as the grandfather? You too hard in a world of giants, goblins, dragons, snakes and water women three heads in a world of tales .

Pages 208
Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Commercial Code : 1456195
ISBN: 978-84-489-2906-0
VAT Price : € 9.9
Publication Date : 29-02-2012