Five trips mystery

Author : Francesc Gisbert
Illustrations : Comotto Zanelli , Augustine
Collection: Books soup . green series

Alicia and Aunt Sophia are a pair of detectives who must solve unique five strange mysteries: a haunted house where, nights of the new moon, uncertain shadows wander without a trace; a vacation at sea are compounded by the death of one of the passengers; a trip to a cottage of the mountain with the secret of a maze and a black legend; the disappearance of a classmate in suspicious ciscumstàncies and finally a meeting on an island where no one will prove to be what it seemed .

Pages 208
Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Trade code : 1456152
ISBN: 978-84-489-2472-0
Price with VAT: € 9.9
Publication date : 19-01-2009