Friends of the monsters is the new collection of stories written by Francesc Gisbert and illustrated by Cristina Duran. After the success of Mary is not afraid , return the fantastic creatures of our popular imagination have enticed thousands of readers.

The first story in the collection is Friends of Buton . In this first book , Mary and her dog looking live an adventure full of magic and fantasy , with the company 's small demon , the Quarantamaula , happy lady and gentleman Enoch , the fearsome monster hunter . The small demon has escaped from the school monsters and Maria and her friends must find him before the evil hunter.

Writher Francesc Gisbert

Illustrator: Cristina Duran
ISBN: 978-84-16394-36-4
Language: English / Catalan
Format: 17 x 21 cm.
Pages: 48 color
Edition: 1st April 2016

Friends of the book will Buton coming months two new volumes of Friends of Minimonters and Friend of beasts