Magic for a people is an informative guide to magical beliefs and customs rooted in the culture of the Valencians. It is divided into two parts. The first, dealing Magical Creatures of the popular imagination. From a detailed study of rondallístico and folk material, Gisbert tells us, as a guide, what fantastic creatures and myths that believed our ancestors were: ghosts, goblins, haunted, giants, ogres, dragons, snakes ... with examples documented in the oral tradition of our people. In the second part of the book it offers readers a more adventurous path hidden treasures; He explained what they were and what constituted the magical trades (healers, rezadores, tempestarios ...); runs marked the most magical and religious calendar to remember the origins of different faiths days; and finally, plants with magical properties are targeted.

Bernat Capó prize diffusion of popular culture - 2007


Pages: 272


ISBN: 8496187888
Núm. EAN: 9788496187887