Autor/a: Gisbert i Muñoz, Francesc
Il·lustració: Vicent Cremades

Published in Catalan.

There was a time when the street was of children. The could see play hide, take her to your, marbles, to the tube, rope, to plates, to hopscotch... A time when adults also played bowling, "canut", "escampilla" ... And that toys are not bought in stores, but you the fabricabas yourself. Do you want to learn to play? Would you like to know make musical instruments with reeds, rushes convert furniture and boats, flying kites or pinwheels? What we play is a fun and entertaining classification of our traditional games, history and rules. A useful book for parents and teachers, to all those who have grown but have not forgotten that one day were children. A book not only to read but to play in the company of the younger ones. As Gisbert says: "The games do not die, they just go out of fashion, fall asleep, forgotten Most can come back, wake up, remember, yes, evolved and different from how we played before.".

Bernat Capó prize diffusion of popular culture - 2011

Pages: 2011
ISBN: 8499040926
Núm. EAN: 9788499040929