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Francesc Gisbert

Without a versatile children's literature and adult readers would not be good . We are facing a literature capital letters, we are demanding quality, with good books, bad and regular literature considered as adults. Not the poor sister of the letters and overwhelmed that we look at us with indifference. Children and young people today league adventure or fantasy stories readers will be tomorrow.


Francesc Gisbert,  A history of children's literature, "Col·lecció Didàctiques", Bromera

My mother was a traditional and conservative woman. She worn in a village of Ribera. But men knew little. I fill the house of saints and virgins, some size, they bought a second hand store trinkets. My husband loves it. The figures were the perfect size and weight for the use of projectiles and print them against the wall, when he returned drunk or bad moon because some business had failed and the police had confiscated the goods. Appliances rest until s'exhaurien thanked the representatives of the heavenly court and had returned to earthly objects .

Francesc Gisbert, Un món de bojos, "Col·lecció Narratives", Onada edicions

Francesc Gisbert | Francesc Gisbert